Champion Tzatziki (“Xena”)

February, 1997 – August, 2006

Xena, Ch. Tzatziki, was bred by Eva-Lena Bergstrom. She was imported by Doreen Beale at Bacchanal Kennel when she was just a baby. She was a foundation bitch for Bacchanal Clumber Spaniels. Doreen had two litters with her, producing, among others, Ch. Bacchanal’s Gewurtztraminer in the first litter and Ch. Bacchanal’s Dot to Dot Whidbey (Freckles) in her second. I was incredibly lucky that Doreen handed her to me as my foundation bitch. In her first of two litters with me she produced the famous Ch. Whidbey’s Ante Up T’Boretide (Marlow) and in her second litter she produced Ch. Whidbey’s This Lil Lite O’Mine (Shine) and Ch. Whidbey’s You Lite Up My Life (Dilly). Each of her offspring have made major contributions to the breed in the whelping box and show ring as well. Freckles, Marlow, Shine and Dilly became foundation bitches for Whidbey/BTrue, Christie Janusciewicz, Carolyn Morrison/Diane McGrew and Aaron Owens.

Xena had the best of all lives. She had her family, enjoyed her babies enormously, had fun at the shows and then went on to live out her last years as a couch potato and best friend of Heather Stark and her family. At Bacchanal, she ran the farm, at Whidbey she bossed all of the girls and ran the house. At Heather’s she got to go to the park, was blessed at the church each year, went swimming and was an all around house dog. She may have evntually been a very lazy dog, but as the Queen, no one pushed her to do more than Xena wanted.

She is terribly missed by her family and her memory lives on in her children.

Rest well, dear Xena—