Whidbey Valentino Pumpkin (“Sophie”)

DOB 10/31/05
Sophie lived with Ned and Sheila Nelson.

Sophie loved her people. She loved to greet our friends at the door with a toy in her mouth and of course doing her best Clumber doggie dance for everyone. Wasn’t everyone here for her? She knew the sound of our car, the sound of the garage door going up and Ned coming in. Time for another toy, another greeting, another dance! There was always a low growl accompanying the dance, her way of talking with a toy in her mouth. Sophie knew all the delivery guys and who had treats, oh don’t forget the treats! Fetching? Well it was possible to fetch, someone throws the ball and for some reason they want you to go get it. Why they throw it in the first place if they want it back she never could figure out. She was good for maybe 6 or so on a good day but that was it, back inside, ball in mouth, done. Oh, and how about jumping? Could Clumbers jump? No one told Sophie, not even onto a low couch, nope, not even once.

Her favorite place on earth was the beach. She wasn’t crazy about the drive down there but once she smelled the salt air and got her feet in the sand she just came alive! Nose to the ground, the wonderful smells, the wind, the water, it was the best for this girl . She knew when we were packing up to come home and she would quietly find a place to hide, just maybe this time we would forget her and she could stay. We had her at the beach with us this last week end, her happy place.

We love our doggies, they bring so much joy into our lives but today we are dealing with the other part, the loss of one of our very best friends.