Whidbey’s Neverending Motion (“Nemo”)

February 26, 2003 – November 28, 2005

You came to us on a warm, clear evening in May.
We had waited for you for so long,
And the moment we laid eyes on our brown-eyed boy,
Eyes full of life, we were in love.
And it only took a second.

Oh, the joy of that day!
I broke all the rules and let you
Sit on my lap all the way home;
I couldn’t stand to let you go, now that we
Had found one another.

As you grew from mischievous alpha puppy
Into our playful bundle of joy, we grew to love you even more.
How beautiful you were,
With your playful spirit and buttery soft fur that
Glistened in the sun, like millions of tiny jewels.

We called you our clumsy spaniel,
For clumsy you could be! We’d laugh as you’d
Slip and slide in the kitchen, and
When you got into that clumber sprint..look out!
One would do well to get out of your way!

You were easy-going, yet stubborn,
Gentle, yet a powerful force,
Silly and full-of-life, with
Drooly jowls, soulful eyes, a playful grin.
You were our Nemo, Neverending Motion, our Brown-Eyed Boy.

We lost you on a cold, blustery evening in November.
One minute you were here, romping about,
Full-of-life, and happy to be alive.
The next you were gone..
And it only took a second.

Angie McIntosh
December 2005