DOB 02/08/2004

Nine years ago my wife, Charlotte and I drove 365 miles to the Denver airport for two reasons. One my brother was flying in to vacation with us, but more importantly to meet my new best friend, Mickey. We went to the hanger where the dogs are taken and picked up his crate. Went outside to a crazy plot to give Mickey a break from his long flight from Seattle. As I let him out of his travel crate he ran directly to me and we have been inseparable for nine years. Mickey has owned me completely for this period of time. There was never a time that when I looked at him that a smile didn’t come to my face. We hiked together, hunted pheasants together, actually pretty much did everything together. Unfortunately, Mickey ran in to some serious health issues which could not be treated and I lost this beautiful, faithful sidekick. It has left a big hole in my life and in my heart. I will miss my friend as long as I live. Thank you Mickey for being such a big part of my life.

Frank and Charlotte Klein