2002 – 2012

From the first time I set eyes on Mr. Higgins I was smitten. He was the kindest, best natured and most loving dog ever!!!! As big and majestic as he was…..he was such a big baby. Had to have his eyes on me at all times. Even taking a shower was a challenge. He would sit on the other side of the shower curtain and whimper. He lived with other dogs but never recognized that he was one of the pack. He was far too distinguished for any nonsense. He ruled the house in dignity. I miss his face, his stumpy tail wagging and even his snoring. He liked to ride in my VW convertible and had his own visor. He would sit so proud and watch the world. You can imagine the double-takes we got. People just couldn’t believe what a beauty he was…… Some dogs just steal your heart – he has mine, it is broken and I will miss my beloved Higgins forever.

Sarah Noyes, Tacoma, Washington