Whidbey Valentino Fraidy (“Chesty”)

From the moment we met Chesty in the Atlanta airport, we were in love. He had made his way to us from the other side of the country, and he was the perfect boy for our family. From that moment on, he rarely left our sides. We named him “Chesty” after a famous marine, but his given name “Whidbey Valentino Fraidy” was actually more fitting. Chesty was goofy, gentle, affectionate, smart, and always a gentleman. He drew a crowd of admirers, young and old, wherever he went, and was always sweet and patient. He loved being doted on by his family and never missed an opportunity to snuggle. He loved napping on the couch, running on the beach, and gently carrying his stuffies in his huge mouth to greet guests at the door. It was hard to be unhappy when he was around – his silliness made us laugh constantly.

It’s been very hard to adjust to our home without Chesty. We argue over who he loved the most, but we really know that he had a big enough heart for us all. We will never quit missing his beautiful eyes and sweet freckles. He was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. We are heartbroken that he was taken from us too soon, but we will be forever thankful that he was a part of our family – we were blessed. He will always be our special boy.

The Stakely Family