Whidbey’s Bed of Roses (“Beddy”)

6/24/2010 – 12/24/2010

Oh my, there are not words enough to describe the wonderful, albeit too short, life that Beddy lived. She never knew a bad day and was sick just a short time before we let her go. Her undoing, way too common in clumbers, was a rock.

In her short life, she was very well taken care of by her momma Gabby, and sister Rose, who each cleaned her from head to toe multiple times daily. She played endlessly with Gunner and Tullamore and wiggled more than any I’ve ever seen. She vacationed in Canada with Sarah Houlden and Bentley, playing in the snow, hiking in the rain and visiting the beach.

We will not soon get over the loss of that beautiful little girl who just enjoyed life as it was handed to her. We had lots of hopes and dreams for her, but we will have to believe that she is living her dreams at Rainbow Bridge.