Ch. Bacchanal’s Dot to Dot Whidbey (“Freckles”)

3/17/2000 – 11/10/2010

Freckles has many descriptions and had many faces. The face most folks remember is her smile that charmed everyone – except the woman that fell backward into a planter box once – she thought Freckles was baring her teeth at her!

Freckles was born bossy and that’s the way she lived. She was the matriarch of her house, with Beau, Moses and Jason beneath her. She had one litter of puppies, 3 boys of course, and then decided motherhood was not for her. She was quickly retired to the life of leisure, never sleeping on a floor again, and never doing what Freckles didn’t want to do. She tried agility, but the children and birds at ringside were just too much for her. She tried obedience, but the instructor said she was just wasting her time, as Freckles had her own ideas of obedience – doing what SHE wanted. Her owner Jason allowed Freckles to just be…Freckles. She knew how much he loved her and she gave all that love back to him.

She made her last appearances in the show ring at the American and Canadian national specialties in the veteran bitch class just months before she passed away. She was happy and proud, as well as beautiful. She got an enormous round of applause. Her co-owner and handler, Melissa, was laughing when Freckles smiled at the judge, as were the rest of us.

Her sons and grandchildren live on, yet there will never be another Freckles. Some dogs just have a personality that is so unique there really isn’t a way to completely explain it. We love you Freckles, you fought a long battle to get well. Age was just against you and you needed to spread your wings and fly to the heavens. I’m sure your presence will be continuously felt here as your spirit is one that will not die.