Whidbey’s It’s a Long Way to the Top “Iz”

DOB 8/4/16
Owned by Terry Richardson and Marvin DeMattos of Seattle, Washington

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Russian Ch. Whidbey’s Sweet BN
Ch. Bibalalula’s B52 Cocktail
Russian Ch. Sugar Loaf Fleur de Champagne
Ch. Whidbey’s Smokey and the Bandit
Ch. Nexus Total Eclipse
Ch. Whidbey’s Chevelle SS
Ch. Whidbey’s White Stilton
Whidbey’s It’s a Long Way to the Top
Ch. Nexus Redemption
Ch. Btue’s Bentley Azure
Ch. Btrue’s Winter Rose Abbey
Ch. Whidbey’s Powdered Sugar Btrue
Ch. WhidBTrue’s Tullamore Dew
Ch. Nexus Rosalie Whidbey
Ch. Nexus Btrue to Whidbey