In memory of Stilly


Whidbey Kennel is a member in good standing of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America, www.clumbers.org.

We at Whidbey Kennel are dedicated to producing happy, healthy, well-tempered Clumber Spaniels. Our clumbers make wonderful house pets as well as good show and working dogs.

Our primary goal is to place our Clumber Spaniels in loving homes to be an integral part of the family. Clumbers do best in close proximity to people, not as outside dogs. They make excellent companions.

Secondarily we breed our Clumbers to show, and we do maintain strict control over our breeding program. We encourage our Clumber owners to put obedience, conformation and/or field titles on their dogs. This is a working breed and training fosters a very close relationship between your Clumber Spaniel and you, as well as making your Clumber a great member of society

We want your Clumber Spaniel to be one you can be proud of.