Whidbey’s Will Always BTrue “Wilma”

D|O|B 7/19/2013

Wilma is owned by Melissa Wiltse and Sarah Houlden


Multi Ch. Nonsuch Spyce Twyce
Ch. Nexus Redemption OFA
Ch. Nexus Blind Faith
Am/Can/Int’l Ch. BTrue’s Bentley Azure OFA
A/C Ch. Spice Twice Bohemia Legenda
Ch. BTrue’s Winter Rose Abbey OFA
BTrue’s Perpetual Motion OFA
Whidbey’s Will Always BTrue
Ch. Nexus Apocalypse OFA
Ch. Bacchanal’s Moscato Canelli OFA
Ch. Bacchanal\’s Dot to Dot Whidbey OFA
Bacchanal’s Orange Muscat
Ch. Bacchanal’s Siempre Chiacoli OFA
Ch. Bacchanal’s Good Golley Miss Molley
Ch. Bacchanal’s Gewurtztraminer
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