Tuff V

Whidbey’s Valentino Spook (“Tuff V”)

Owned by Cindy Vienola of Wisconsin

Because of Tuff V I met many wonderful people either in person, FB, phone etc.

A few years back I started to tell people that I would always be thankful to Tuff V for things that because of him I did in life and when the time came I would miss him in a different way than other dogs I have had. I did not realize that my time with him would be so short. In between my tears and thoughts of what am I going to do now…I keep thinking of what I said about Tuff V a few years back. I will forever be thankful to my first Clumber for the path we walked down…the doors that he helped me open have not shut and when the time comes and I feel I can go thru those doors Tuff V will always be there with me. Someone I met because of Tuff V said he may be gone but all the people I met because of him are still here… and that is true!!
Cindy Vienola

Tuff V

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